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In 2004 I moved from Friesland (the Northern part of The Netherlands) to Indonesia, for a traineeship which was the final part of my studies. What was supposed to be ten months, turned into seven years. What happened? I fell in love with Asia, the culture and its people and therefore decided to stay. I found a job, built a life and before I knew it, seven years had passed. When I decided to move to Amsterdam I started working for a large tour operator. This is where I was taught everything I know about the travel industry. Being responsible for the Asian portfolio, I was able to combine work and passion. Being back in Europe, I have always felt the need to show people the true Asia. Not the Asia most people see during their travels, but the real, authentic Asia you can only get to know through connecting with its locals. This is where my idealist dreams were founded; during my time in Asia I learned that the bigger players in the tourism industry often receive the most. I believe, that the individuals, the smaller (often family-run) organisations will provide you with a more authentic experience while we help them grow by booking their services. Now that's what I call a win-win!

When I think back to my time in Asia, the small moments ended up being the biggest.

I remember the little girl that ran with me, laughing and waving her hands, when I drove past on a motorbike. The dinner (roasted suckling pig) at a local priest’s home, eating with our hands and sharing drinks, seated on the floor. The friends I made, the unexpected conversations I’ve had. But most of it all I remember the feeling these moments brought me. These are the type of experiences I would like to offer to you as my traveller. Personal contact is so important, with both myself as with the people in your destination. That is why I choose to work with smaller parties rather than the big players. These partners are providing you, my travellers, with the most unique experiences. By working with these parties we together are contributing to the development of local entrepreneurs rather than the big (and often international) players. Over the years I have established a very strong network of carefully selected local suppliers, that I know will take the best possible care of you on site.

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