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Get in touch with your spiritual side and join for a yoga meditation at a true buddhist retreat. If you can’t get enough, stay overnight and enjoy a meal with the monks whilst they tell you all you need to know about buddhism. In Kathmandu, women are able to stay overnight at a nun’s monastery and experience a day in the life of a Nepalese nun. If you like, you can also stay overnight at a local farm, helping with the daily activities. You’ll get the opportunity to cook dinner with the local farmers, using nothing but local ingredients. Experience the artistic side of Nepal and make your own claypot or thangka painting (this is a Tibetan Buddhist flag or piece of fabric that was originally hung in a monastery or above a family altar and worn by monks during ceremonial processions). In Nepal many festivals take place throughout the year and Jane is happy to make sure that you experience one, in traditional clothing if you wish. Like to get active? Why not go on a hike, visiting the most beautiful sites of Nepal. For the fit adventurers, a multi-day hike into the Himalayas is an unforgettable memory that lasts a lifetime.