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Indonesia, a nation of over 17.000 islands, with unlimited possibilities to discover. Visit the lesser travelled areas, or the more popular destinations but let me show you them in a different light. Explore the undiscovered side of Bali by foot. Whilst strolling through the remote villages, learn all about daily life of a traditional Balinese family. See how they live and enjoy lunch with a local family. You can even help them prepare the meal. You could be taken to a local holy spring temple to do a purification ceremony, a very rare experience of a lifetime, as this can only happen in Bali! In Sulawesi, contribute to society and spend a day teaching English at a local primary school or go fishing with the fishermen, whilst staying at a floating village. Or discover local habits of the Mentawai tribe in Sumatra; go on traditional canoe rides and get taught everything about their traditional tattooing. You get to stay in a traditional ‘uma’, just like the rest of their tribe. The truly brave can spend an afternoon making poisonous arrows, and go hunting with the men of the tribe.
Animal lovers, this is paradise! Go on orang-utan treks in Sumatra and spend the night at an eco hotel, or see the komodo dragons in Flores, whilst staying overnight at a wooden boat - that drives you around the most beautiful islands of Flores.