General Terms & Conditions of Jane’s Planet (KVK 74124927)

Jane’s Planet is a member of the GGTO Foundation. The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will get back the already paid part of your travel sum if the tour operator comes into financial inability. This can be before your departure but also during your stay on location. Moreover, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip during your stay if, due to financial incapacity, the tour operator can no longer take care of it. The tour operator will charge the consumer a fixed amount of € 15 per booking for this guarantee. This is how the guarantee fund is built and maintained. For more information about the GGTO Foundation, please refer to their website.


Client: the person who books a trip with Jane’s Planet for themselves and / or (fellow) traveler (s).

Traveler: participant in a trip organised by Jane’s Planet.

Service provider: an organisation, airline, hotel owner, excursion supplier, local transporter that is providing a service at any stage of the trip.


Objective of Jane’s Planet: mediate and advise regarding the  organisation of a trip in Asia, followed by the establishment of a (travel) program in personal consultation with the client / traveler.

Jane’s Planet has a long-standing relationship with third parties, such as organisations, transporters, guides, drivers and hotel owners. Together they guarantee and monitor quality and service.

Travellers can contact for advice both Jane’s Planet and its local suppliers. Jane’s Planet regularly checks the quality of its products and services and that of the service providers.

Jane’s Planet processes the registration of the trip. Jane’s Planet organises, makes reservations and payments in accordance with the travel agreement. Jane’s Planet takes care of sending the travel documents, insofar as they belong to the travel agreement and are not provided on site.


An application for a trip is done via the internet, e-mail, Skype or telephone.

The (travel) program comes about by acceptance of the assignment by Jane’s Planet. In case of an application for several persons, the client declares to act on behalf of the stated (co-) traveler (s). This person is jointly liable for the ensuing obligations when booking. Communication or correspondence only takes place with this person.

After receiving your application, Jane’s Planet contacts you to understand your specific wishes and preferences. Based on this, Jane’s Planet makes a free travel proposal, which is sent to the client by e-mail together with the offer. Our travel proposals are valid for 14 days. For offers that last longer, Jane’s Planet reserves the right to adjust the fare.

After confirmation of the quotation and the travel program, the client receives a booking confirmation invoice, which requests payment of the deposit within two weeks.

Customers must check that the details in the travel proposal and booking confirmation are correct and that all names are spelled correctly, exactly as in the passport. This is your responsibility. If amendments are necessary, contact Jane’s Planet immediately.

The deposit is 25% of the full travel sum. The deposit must be received within 7 days on our account stating your invoice number. The remaining balance must be paid 8 weeks before departure. If you book less than 8 weeks before departure, the total sum must be paid on receipt of invoice.

By depositing or paying the aforementioned amount on the booking confirmation invoice of the stated trip, the traveler enters into an agreement with Jane’s Planet.

Different conditions may apply in the following situations:

  • If domestic flights are included in the itinerary, these must be paid with the deposit. As a result, the deposit is 25% + 100% of the cost of the domestic flights.
  • At different destinations, local terms and conditions may apply, in which case these shall be indicated in the itinerary proposal where applicable.

Payment is made electronically via internet banking. If you are paying from abroad, an international transfer is required. Jane’s Planet does not offer other payment methods.

After payment and receipt of the total balance by Jane’s Planet, the final itinerary and a summary with contact details will be sent at least two weeks before departure date. Reserved tickets and other travel documents are provided at destination.

Miscellaneous costs

The reservation costs for a land arrangement are € 25 per person, with a maximum of € 75 per booking. In addition, € 2.50 per booking is added to the emergency fund (for a maximum of 9 people). For bookings with more than 9 people, € 2.50 will be charged for every 9 people.

If you would like to amend your booking after receiving the invoice, please contact Jane’s Planet. Jane’s Planet will consider amendment possibilities. A € 25, – per booking amendment fee will apply, as well as any additional costs or cancellation costs to the booking.  In addition, you must take into account any cancellation costs.

Cancellation policy

If an agreement is canceled, the traveler – in addition to any booking fees owed – will owe the following cancellation costs:

In case of cancellation from the booking date until 8 weeks before the departure date, 25% of the travel sum will be charged.
In case of cancellation within 8 to 4 weeks before the departure date, 50% of the travel sum will be charged.
In case of cancellation within 4 weeks before the departure date, the full fare will be charged.
If domestic flights are included in the booking, 100% of the flight costs will be charged regardless of the time of cancellation.

Cancellation of the travel agreement must always be done in writing (by letter or email). With a cancellation insurance you free yourself from these costs for a valid reason to cancel (at the discretion of the insurer). Cancellations received outside office hours to be deemed to have been made on the next business day.

If a trip has been booked for several people, and 1 or more people cancel, there is a partial cancellation. In the event of a partial cancellation, the other participants may have to pay additional costs, because the occupancy in the accommodation has changed and / or the fixed costs are divided over fewer people.


Jane’s Planet is not liable for damage or injury to or by her passengers, by any cause or event whatsoever. Nor is Jane’s Planet liable for loss, theft or damage to property, including money.

Jane’s Planet is not liable for the late departure of train, domestic flight, transport by road and water, political situations and consequences of political situations, such as unexpected fuel price increases or sharp exchange rate changes of currency and the resulting extra unforeseen costs.

Travellers are urgently advised to take out travel, baggage and / or cancellation insurance.

All prices quoted in the website, offer or in the booking confirmation do not include the aforementioned insurance policies. Evident errors or mistakes in the website, price attachments, quotation and booking confirmation do not bind Jane’s Planet.

The liability of Jane’s Planet is excluded or limited by virtue of statutory regulations, which are based on the performance that must be provided by third parties via the service provider, the liability of which is also excluded or limited.

Travel requirements

Passengers must be in possession of a valid passport which is valid for at least six months after the date on which the travellers return from their journey.

The travellers are responsible for arranging a visa and proof of vaccinations if needed. Check in well before travel date whether the information obtained is correct. Please check the advice of your governmental institution responsible for international travel advice.  Jane’s Planet is not medically trained and shall not make official statements about medical travel advice. Jane’s Planet recommends that you contact your GP with regards to medical travel advice.

The travellers should adhere to all local regulations regarding customs, foreign exchange, health and safety.


All information made available to Jane’s Planet for the purpose of processing the offer and booking confirmation and invoice are used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Any other use of your personal data, in particular the sale thereof to third parties, is explicitly excluded. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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