My journey started many years ago. As a little girl I already had the urge to discover, to see new places, to learn foreign languages. During holidays all I wanted to do was to get to know new people, hear everything about the local culture and customs.
As soon as I had the chance, I went to study in Thailand and Indonesia for a semester. The further away I would travel, the different it would be from home, the more interesting the experience would be. A few years later, in 2008, when I left for Indonesia to do my internship, I was initially planning to stay for ten months. It was a fantastic adventure in which I learned a lot about the country, the people, and especially myself. I loved it so much that I decided to stay. I found a job, I learned to speak the Indonesian language, ate rice with my hands, had fantastic conversations about life with total strangers, was part of religious ceremonies, saw astonishing starry skies and discovered that you could make a new friendship for life within an the course of an hour. I experienced different cultures, the riches of poverty and the poverty of riches, experienced closeness despite physical distance. Above all, I learned how enriching travel can be.
Fast forward seven years later, back on Dutch soil. An important moment in my life, because the decision to move to the Netherlands felt like a final one. I was ready for it. I found a job with an online travel company, a branch and company in which I learned a lot. I was able to express my passion for Asia and inspired people to travel on a daily basis: to discover and experience what makes traveling so special to me: the people.
My dream to show you the real Asia, a glimpse into the authentic culture, the daily life of the local population, has been shaped by my years in Indonesia. Mass tourism often visits the standard highlights, however I believe you will only really get to know a country when you leave the beaten track. An open mind, a real connection with people, and having the right contacts. In addition to that, I believe that no traveler is the same and everyone has different wishes and requirements. With Jane’s Planet, I hope to provide every traveler with a special, genuine journey that fully meets their specific preferences. A complete travel proposal, as organized – or disorganized – as you wish. I bridge the distance between your laptop here, the thousands of websites with advice and travel tips, all standardised travel packages, excursion options, transfer options and your ultimate dream destination. I look after you, I plan, I organise and ultimately, I hope to amaze and impress you, leaving a lasting memory.
I will take care of you. So that you can spend your time dreaming of that fantastic experience that is awaiting.

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