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Having lived in Asia for seven years, I developed a true love for its culture and people. Together with my trusted partners, I'd like to take you to the most amazing and authentic parts of Asia.

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"Jane organised our honeymoon to Indonesia and it was one of the best trips I have ever been on! We saw and did things that we never would have seen or found without Jane’s Planet. An unforgettable experience, perfectly taken care of from A to Z."

Carlota Menéndez-Sampil Landa

We do not work with standard packages; Every travel proposal we create is unique and made especially for you.

The goal of Jane’s Planet is to show its travellers the Asia as you can only see it if you have inside information from the locals. Those who can show you exactly those places the majority of tourism does not know about (yet). I really would love for you to experience the local customs and habits, and I’ll do my utmost to create as many opportunities for you to do so. For instance, consider attending your own cleansing ceremony in Bali, an overnight stay at a monastery in Nepal, herding cattle in Mongolia or a cooking class with a local family on the countryside of Vietnam.

Apart from booking the flights and taking care of your visa (if required), I take care of it all. After a detailed conversation about your specific needs and wishes, I will tailor your specific and unique itinerary. Both our partners on site and the parties they work with that provide accommodation, activities and transport contribute to the positive development of the local society. Having consciously chosen for these partnerships results in a portfolio of smaller, high-quality suppliers who are able to provide you with the most unique experiences.


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